The Notebook is committed to becoming transparent about its finances and its editorial and ethics policy. The Notebook is a member of the Institute for Nonprofit News, which urges a high level of transparency for its member nonprofit news organizations.

Please let us know if you have questions about any of this information or suggestions on how to improve our transparency. Thank you.

I. Financial transparency

The Notebook operated as a fiscally sponsored organization until July 2014, most recently under the Institute for Nonprofit News. That month, the Notebook was awarded tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) status by the Internal Revenue Service. The organization’s first audited financial statements and Form 990 will be completed in late 2015. Prior financial data are disclosed here.

Number of board members: 10
Total number of employees: 7 (5 full-time, 2 part-time)

Total revenues, 2013-14: $803,764
Salaries, other compensation, employee benefits: $507,797
Professional fundraising fees: $14,661
Other expenses: $324,938

Total assets (June 30, 2014):  $184,215

No employee makes more than $100,000 per year.
Reportable compensation from the organization for key employees:
     Editor/Publisher Paul Socolar: $73,097

II. Notebook editorial and ethics standards  (Adopted December 2010)

Independence, not for profit:

1. The Notebook is not affiliated with any political party or sectarian organization.

2. All funders contributing to the Notebook do so with the understanding that they do not make editorial decisions or control the content on the site in any way. The Notebookstrives to maintain a broad diversity of funding sources and streams so that it is not heavily dependent on particular donors or advertisers who might want to exert editorial control.

3. The Notebook is a nonprofit organization and the individuals who work for it do not seek or accept any material financial benefits from the sources they cover.

Accuracy and integrity

1. The Notebook works hard to ensure that in all our content, news and commentary, we have our facts straight and that we provide necessary context for understanding of issues. We post and make corrections when errors are identified.

2. We avoid conflicts of interest and do not tolerate fabrication or condone deceptive practices in reporting.

3. We are committed to respecting individual human dignity, treating subjects and sources ethically.


1. The Notebook embraces diversity and inclusiveness in our hiring practices, volunteer bodies, and operations.  A news organization that is diverse at every level will be better able to serve the diverse communities involved with Philadelphia schools.

2. We are an equal opportunity employer.


1. The Notebook is committed to operating as a news organization in a transparent, open fashion. We will provide disclosure of our operations and practices beyond what is required by law or custom

2. We are open with information about our finances and all our sources of funding.

Advocacy and point of view

1. The Notebook is a mission-driven publication – explicit about its belief that public schools play a vital role in a democratic society, its commitment to support greater quality and equity in public education, and its support for a strong voice for parents, students, educators, and communities in school improvement. As a watchdog, theNotebook monitors and questions educational officials and other public officials on their commitment to these same values.

2. Notebook editorials, columns, and blog posts may advocate for a variety of educational positions consistent with those basic values. But the Notebook is also committed to being a trustworthy news source and providing news articles that apply principles of fairness and balance and reflect a range of points of view. The Notebookclearly distinguishes between these articles and commentary/opinion pieces that advocate a point of view, which should be labeled as such.

3. The Notebook limits its lobbying activities to support for efforts to access information and to press freedom issues.