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The Philly School Media Network is a collaboration between the Philadelphia Writing Project (PHILWP), the School District of Philadelphia, and the Public School Notebook. It offers students and teachers opportunities to learn about journalism and writing by publishing student newspapers for their schools and for a broader audience on the Public School Notebook website. Through this project, students gain understanding of the role journalism plays in informing students and the wider public, along with the ways in which journalism can provide opportunities for civic action on many levels. Students journalistic writing includes identifying issues, exploring sources and evidence, and writing and producing published pieces.

By sharing their writing within and across schools, students are beginning to understand that their writing and their voices have impact. Participation in this Network allows Philadelphia students to see a range of uses for writing that include public sharing and civic engagement. We believe these network experiences will support increased student leadership as students in this project share their knowledge and expertise, make connections with students from other schools, and develop relationships with journalists who are writing about important issues that impact the district and the city.

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