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Philly Education News + Views
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Where displaced teachers will land is uncertain

Although the contract offers a “right to follow” students, the reality is more complicated.


Going beyond the multiple-choice test

Locally and nationally, a variety of experiments are underway to come up with alternative ways to rate schools.


Test security: Philadelphia gets strictest treatment

No end in site to the new provisions, including a ban on teachers proctoring their own students.


Learning from Chicago

As charters and cuts erode teacher jobs here, Philadelphians draw lessons from the organizing successes of another big-city union.

by by Bill Hangley, Jr.

TAG Philly Story Slam - reframing the 'failing school' refrain


Commentary: What's at stake in the Chicago teachers strike?

by Ron Whitehorne commentary

Ed Week and other coverage of the Chicago teacher strike

by education week

Commentary: BCG 'collective bargaining reform' and what it would mean for teachers

by Ron Whitehorne commentary

Bellwether blogging training: 7 things for teachers to learn


Books boys can't resist

by commentary
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