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teacher vacancies

A longer plan, still without priorities


Considering the Alternatives


Full-time art, music teachers: a dwindling breed?

Most schools cannot afford both a music and an art teacher; 66 schools have neither.


133 schools lack music teacher, 121 lack art teacher


Maestros de arte y música a tiempo completo: cada vez hay menos

La mayoría de las escuelas no pueden pagarle a un maestro de arte y también a uno de música, y 66 escuelas no tienen ni uno ni el otro.


Why Philadelphia loses promising teachers and what is being done about it

Just as in other large districts, a late hiring timeline means many candidates go elsewhere

by Eva F. Travers

A teacher quality timeline

by Compiled by Beandrea Davis

ACORN members call teacher vacancies 'scary'


Roads to classroom teaching: recent arrivals take varied routes


Teacher vacancies a problem for special education students

by Ajuah Helton
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