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Connie Langland

Connie Langland is a freelance education writer.
Recent Articles

How other districts govern

In some cities, parents have more clout.


Should it stay or go?

Some say it's time to abolish the controversial School Reform Commission and switch to local control.


How schools teach English amid other lessons

ESOL teachers can provide support in the classroom or outside it. Some schools take a bilingual approach.


Schools embrace new arrivals

Among the ways they do this is through community-building and studying various cultures.


Neighborhood high schools look to reinvent themselves

Ninth graders will get extra attention. Principals may adopt special themes and focus more on careers and college.


Seeking accountability, states revise charter laws

Pennsylvania has not updated its original 1997 law that allowed the schools' creation.


The connection between trauma and the dropout crisis


Reconnecting to the classroom

With new leadership and fresh focus, the District’s Opportunity Network helps students find a way to graduate.


What’s on the school menu?

Students at schools with full-service kitchens notice and appreciate the fresh-cooked meals.


How to measure project-based learning

At hands-on sites such as the Workshop School, officials say the key is to make students accountable. Children help assess what went well or badly.


At the Notebook, you are part of the equation

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